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Full Version: RF: Device connecting to Wifi every 2 minutes
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I am exclusively using RF to transmit sensor data and AFAIK I did not configure any services to transmit sensor data via Wifi. Still, I my router log I can see that the device connects to Wifi every 2 minutes and disconnects instantly again. Usually the device should boot, keep Wifi activated for 5 minutes and then deactivate, right? This is happening ok but can this 2 minute wakeup be deactivated somehow?


vESPrino v1.16 build20170618
IP address:
Chip ID: D54288
ready >]
ahh.. i have to fix tis, but i do not know when i will have time

it connects for 5 minutes only the first time.
then each 2 minutes it wakes up, sends the data and then sleesps again

just that - as of now it doesn't check if it should send over wifi or not
Ok, thanks for the feedback! It is not a critical bug for me but it would be great if it could be fixed at some point. Thanks!
I am still suffering from this Sad A fix for this would be really appreciated, thank you!

Merry Christmas gentlemen!