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Full Version: Device hosts an open wifi ESP_1480D4
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Hi Vladimir !

My device work well but I have noticed a open wifi named "ESP_1480D4". I try to connect to it but without success.
What's that and how turn it off ?

thanks ! Big Grin
yeah.. I also noticed it today
have to remove it

for wifo only setup you can check the thread about macos sierra drivers
but it is in very early stage
i fixed it Smile
if you like to get to the latest version, just send a command

via the config tool
I have just upgraded with the latest version.
In the log I see [BME280 - init failed!] which is normal :my device doesn't have one inside.
I don't see anymore the wifi hotspot, so thanks   Smile
yeah.. i also noticed this came up after i was fixing the issue with unpopulated readings